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CRM Evaluation

Whether you aren’t quite sure what the difference is between Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud solutions, are don’t know what Salesforce product is ideal for your company, we can help you make the best decision. Even if you’re still trying to understand how your employees can integrate with your Salesforce before you make a purchase, we’re here to help.

Through our CRM Evaluation, we scrutinize your business along with mapping out your existing business process to see what product license is ideal for your business. We also look to see what process are native to Salesforce’s CRM suite and which ones will require more customized development—which could cost you more. We also look at how your current marketing strategies will work withinthe Salesforce tool you’re interested in. Our team can also happily see what is required to get your data in line before you integrate into Salesforce while also setting realistic expectations for your new system.

Let us assist you in getting set up with the right tools and CRM software. Contact our team for more information about our CRM Evaluations.