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Data Migration & Integration

Are you about to upgrade your database? Or maybe you’re thinking about changing it to entirely new system, whatever the case data migration is vital for a successful restart. Not only does the information you already haveneed to be maintained, it also must change to a new format as your system upgrades. And while that may seem rather straightforward, the massive volume of data in your system along with your source and target data structures makes the process much more complicated. Doing it all in-house likely isn’t an option.

While data is segmented by its very nature, the Axis Consulting team has the tools and knowledge to painlessly consolidate your customer data in one easy to access location—and we do it all without compromising your existing data. We integrate and migrate your data using the best resources possible. Throughout the process, we provide you with a complete view of your customers and how they interact with your organization. By doing so, you can tap into the potential your business already has, and help you stand ready to maximize your customer information. We do all this safely and with your business’ best interests at heart. Reduce costly overruns from inaccurate data, increase your business efficiency, and max out your ROI all with our Data Migration and Integration services.