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With each passing day, many new tools arrive in the market to facilitate businesses and business owners. Different customer services and marketing tools are used by businesses to boost sales. If you run a small business or a member of the marketing team, you must have heard of the CRM software. 

It is a smart marketing tool that lets you actively sell your products and services. This tool has been used by businesses to manage customer relations. Customers or clients are the priority of any business, interact with them, check if they are satisfied with the products and services, has become indispensable now more than ever.

is pipedrive a crm

What is a CRM System?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management acts as a central hub to manage multiple projects and accounts. Employing a CRM system boosts productivity, increases sales, and cuts down on admin work.

When you hear about CRM, often PipeDrive comes to mind. However, still, new business owners do not know much about this software. Is PipeDrive a CRM? How does a CRM work? And many such questions boggle the mind of a novice. Worry not, you will get a detailed answer and leave from here with clarity. 

Is PipeDrive a CRM?

Yes, it is and a quite popular one. Whenever someone has to list out the best CRM software, PipeDrive grabs a spot in the top five. Launched in 2010, it is the first CRM tool developed by salespeople for salespeople. 

PipeDrive is economically priced, easy-to-use CRM software which lets you visualize the sale processes. The concept of PipeDrive revolves around activity-based selling, a successful approach to scheduling, completing, and tracking activities.

A CRM system gives people the platform and visibility needed to manage multiple deals and contacts effectively. It allows marketers and business owners to organize everything from business contacts to sales strategies. Especially, cloud-based CRM software makes collaboration and selling ridiculously easy.

Like most CRM software, PipeDrive developers are hell-bent on being the best in business by allowing access to communication history, important sales metrics, and the actions required to close deals. It is a smart investment for all the growing marketing teams.

This popular CRM software has 10 offices in 8 countries, with over 800 employees worldwide, and is used by 95000+ companies. Many clients can vouch for the services offered by the PipeDrive team and their quality.

PipeDrive – A Sales CRM System You Did Not Know You Needed

Unlike other CRM solutions, PipeDrive is not over-complicated at all. It helps every bit in increasing the efficiency of a business. Imagine just a quick glance at the dashboard will inform you all about the deals and when they are due to close or the team can access the lead flow quickly.

This sales management tool offers the functionality of advanced CRMs minus the complexity. It is designed to be easily understandable by keeping things simple, lean, and easy. Salespeople can cut down on admin time and focus more on boosting sales.

The software has a huge client base, most of the clients switched to PipeDrive from other CRMs. Whereas, others did not know that they needed such a tool until they tried it. 

Is PipeDrive The Right CRM For Your Business?

It is hard to find the right fit among hundreds of CRM tools. Every software has different features, mostly, not all of them are used by the business. What we can tell for sure is that it has all the essential functions that small or medium-sized businesses would require. 

It is also economically priced ideal for small sales and marketing teams and solopreneurs to organize, generate leads, and improve their sales process. The wise utilization of PipeDrive helps the owner close deals and sell more products and services. 

Find stats, spot trends, and add deals, activities, and contacts. A business owner can know what’s happening in the business and what goals are set to be achieved in the future using activities and goals features. 

Summing Up

PipeDrive is a great CRM tool with all the essential features in one place. It helps generate leads, track activities to optimize performance. Whether you need this CRM software or not can only be decided by looking at its features and assessing will it be enough or your business would do good with advanced options.

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