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ActiveDEMAND is a cost-effective Marketing Automation platform that provides seamless integration to Pipedrive.

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Webforms
  • and so much more!

Tired of switching between applications to see what is happening in marketing? Tired of fighting with ZAPIER?!! Finally, you can now see ALL of your marketing email engagement directly in your Pipedrive contact screens!! The pain of trying to sync your marketing leads with your sales CRM are eliminated when using Pipedrive with ActiveDEMAND. Leads can be automatically ported into Pipedrive; updates to leads are pushed to ActiveDEMAND … automatically!

The fun doesn’t stop once you generate a lead with ActiveDEMAND. ActiveDEMAND is constantly communicating with Pipedrive to move prospects through your sales funnel. A whitepaper download may indicate an early funnel lead, yet a quote request is a later stage deal. Let ActiveDEMAND automate the deal progression. Did your deal close? Have ActiveDEMAND automatically stop a drip campaign. ActiveDEMAND + Pipedrive, a fully integrated sales and marketing automation solution.

With ActiveDEMAND, you have full control over what information is going to be delivered Pipedrive. With ActiveDEMAND’s custom workflow engine, you can put as much or as little information into your CRM.

Setup and installation

1) Click ‘Install now’ above, look over the permissions on the next screen and choose ‘Accept and install’. (NOTE: If you have an existing ActiveDEMAND account, you should login first before going through the installation process. If you need login assistance, use this link: Click here for instructions.)

2) If you’re new to ActiveDEMAND, then you can create a free trial account at this point. If you have an account already and you’re logged in, you will see a message stating that your integration has been authenticated.

Once you are logged into your ActiveDEMAND account, you can set up the integration with a few configuration steps:

  • Ensure each sales member or Pipedrive user is an employee under your ActiveDEMAND account.
  • The integration authentication provides configured users access to all the integrated ActiveDEMAND – Pipedrive features. The default configurations for data synchronization and lead/activity posting can be adjusted or customized to match your specific needs.

Full step-by-step instructions on enabling your ActiveDEMAND / Pipedrive integration can be found here: Integration click


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