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Instantly add call center features to Pipedrive, automatically log your calls and get the data you need right before taking the call!



Connect to Aircall in minutes, add numbers in 50+ countries, and invite your teammates to start placing and receiving calls right away!

With Aircall, you can: screen-pop to a contact’s page before answering a call, route calls to your teammates or click to dial to easily reach out to a customer. Benefit from advanced call center features to handle phone calls across teams and regions.

Aircall is a cloud-based call center software that lets businesses create an entire call center in minutes. Our platform adapts to your current workflows and simplifiesthe way your business handles phone calls across teams and regions.

Benefit from advanced features including real-time call monitoring, click-to-dial, IVR, call routing, call recording, call queuing, warm transfer, mobile apps, personalized greetings and more!

Setup and installation

For new accounts :

  1. Sign up for Aircall via tinyurl.com/aircall-pipedrive
  2. Click on “Try Aircall for Free” to start your 7-day free trial
  3. Setup numbers, users, and follow the instructions for existing accounts to test our Pipedrive integration!

For existing accounts

  1. Connect to your Aircall account via dashboard-v2.aircall.io
  2. Go to the “Integrations” tab, select Pipedrive and click on “Install”
  3. Choose which numbers you want to sync with Pipedrive and click on “Next”
  4. Click on “Allow and Install” to give Aircall access to the requested permissions
  5. -Optional- Install “Aircall – Click to dial” chrome extension to launch calls with a simple click tinyurl.com/click-to-dial-aircall

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