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-By Axis Consulting

Bulk Object Field Creator

Price: Free

Install App Perform BULK Metadata Operations in few clicks

-Perform Bulk (CREATE /UPDATE /CLONE /DELETE) – Object/Fields
-Export Multiple (Objects/Profiles/Process Builders/Field Permissions)
-Compare multiple Salesforce Org Metadata
-Bulk Update Field Permissions (using XLS) for multiple objects & profiles
-Mass Field Creation
-Mass Field Updation
-Mass Field Deletion
-Mass Field Cloning
-Mass Object Creation,Deletion,Cloning
-Export & Compare Users Profiles
-Bulk Update & Export Field Level Security for Multiple Profiles
-Mass Convert Lead metadata:
-Bulk Import Fields from external Salesforce org in one Click
-Compare TWO Salesforce Orgs(Apex,Objects,Fields)
-Import & Export Assignment Rules
-Import, Update, Delete,Export Validation Rules
-Find & Delete field References from Reports BOFC Reporting helps to export (in xls)
– Object, Standard & Custom Fields,Validations, Record Types
– Multiple Page-layouts
– Assignment Rules,Validation Rules,Workflow Rules
– Profiles details
– (Classes,Pages,Triggers) details
– Process Builders



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