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-By Axis Consulting

Cloudingo: Remove duplicates and improve data quality

Price: Starting at $1,096 USD per company per year

Install App Get rid of duplicates and have data you can trust.
Improve and better manage Salesforce data. From deduping to importing and even migrating data, Cloudingo makes it easier to manage your Salesforce org. Find duplicates within your existing records and easily merge them.

● Conquer common hurdles native to Salesforce like duplication, inconsistencies, data decay, and human errors. Cloudingo is powerful yet easy to use and is completely customizable to accommodate the unique, complex nature of your dataset.

● Customizable filters and robust matching criteria allow you to dig deep to find duplicates using anything from exact to fuzzy matching and even synonyms. Merge dupes manually, mass merge, or schedule Cloudingo to automatically merge duplicates.

● More than just deduplication: import data without creating duplicates, mass convert leads, mass update and mass delete records, migrate data, and more. All important data like notes, attachments, and relationships stay intact.


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