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The only enterprise capable, real-time duplicate prevention solution


DupeBlocker from Validity, Inc. has been the enterprise choice for detecting duplicates in real time and proven itself battle ready for even the largest Salesforce databases in the world since 2008.

DupeBlocker features real time deduplication capabilities in addition to the following great features:

– Support for all Salesforce objects, including Opportunities and custom objects

– Support for all Salesforce fields, including custom fields so that they can be used in the development of deduplication scenarios.

-Dual filter options allow the specification of which objects should be compared against which objects. For example, compare “Web Leads” vs only Leads of Record Type X

– Duplicate “Bypass and Insert” option

– 100% VisualForce User Interface

– The Auto-Merge Auto-Convert features allow scenarios to automatically merge new incoming records with existing records that match and the merge is based on customizable mappings.

– DupeBlocker is the ULTIMATE answer to Web to Lead duplicates. Leave all your data in Salesforce = No Privacy Concerns.

Developed by the makers of DemandTools and PeopleImport.

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