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-By Axis Consulting

GridBuddy: Inline Editing, Filtering, & Sorting on a Single Grid

Price: Starting at $24 USD per user per month

Install App Spreadsheet-like grids to streamline any process
Make updating data in Salesforce fast & easy. Save time & increase adoption by giving users a spreadsheet-like workspace where they can manage all of their data from one screen. Quickly configure grids for any user or process. Top-rated grid solution.

EASY DATA MANAGEMENT: Combine data across multiple objects into a single grid. Quickly configure grids for any process and customize for any user. Update hundreds of records in minutes with inline editing, mass update, and bulk actions.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & ADOPTION: Reduce endless clicks & page loads. Use editable grids instead of single object list views and read-only reports, embed grids on record detail pages, or create tabbed workspaces without any code.

IMPROVE DATA ACCURACY & INSIGHT: Eliminate rogue spreadsheets and gain real-time business insight with up-to-date data. Streamline complex reporting processes and get the analytics you need in a single, organized, and actionable view.


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