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A Better Way to Work with Your Data

Work with complex data sets across multiple objects and see everything in a single view. With pre-configured ReadyGrids, streamline the ways you work with CRM data in Salesforce.

Watch this for an overview of GridBuddy in 50 seconds

Complete Work 5 – 10 Times Faster

Reduce clicks and improve productivity for any salesforce use case including Forecasting, Opportunity Management, Lead & Campaign Management, Customer Success, Case & Renewals Management, CPQ, Account Planning, and much more!


“This is how Salesforce SHOULD work!”

View different data orientations with one click. Easily configure grids and charts to enable your Salesforce users to manage all the data they need from one screen, across multiple objects, with only the fields and records that are relevant for the task at hand.

Flexibility for Any User – And Any Process

Tailor your grids to match your custom business processes for multiple user groups – quickly, inexpensively, and with no-to-low coding necessary. GridBuddy evolves with you as your business evolves.


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