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Import LinkedIn contacts to Pipedrive with a click and save hours of manually copy-pasting contacts.


LinkPort is a free LinkedIn-to-Pipedrive contact importer. It allows sales teams to populate LinkedIn contact details, like name, email, phone, or organization, on Pipedrive and without leaving LinkedIn. With just one click, you can fill your Pipedrive CRM with hot LinkedIn contacts.

With LinkPort, your sales team can

  • Import LinkedIn contacts to Pipedrive with a single click
  • Add unlimited LinkedIn contacts to Pipedrive
  • Stop switching between LinkedIn and Pipedrive accounts for contact updates
  • Stop manually copy-pasting from LinkedIn to Pipedrive

Setup and installation

  • Add the LinkPort Chrome Extension
  • Sign-up to LinkPort with your Pipedrive account
  • Once connected, go to ‘Add to Pipedrive’ next to LinkedIn contacts
  • Click on the button to automatically fill in details and import contacts to Pipedrive

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