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Install App Do you want to sell more by getting warm leads directly to your pipeline?
Build your outbound sales automation with Pipechimp. Try 14 days for free.

A Warm lead knows your company and your products & services. They have also indicated interest in your offering.

In our experience, it is at least four times more efficient to sell to warm leads compared to cold calling. That means more revenue for your company.

Newsletters and marketing emails are a great way to send information to your clients and prospects. By clicking links to your site, they show their interest, and there you have it, a known warm lead.

We have studied that a warm lead stays warm for approximately two days. So rapid response is critical. It is important to get warm leads to sales person’s pipeline immediately when they show their interest.

Pipechimp integrates Pipedrive and MailChimp as the outbound sales automation, and Pipechimp will create a deal to your pipeline within 15 minutes after a client has clicked a link from your newsletter or marketing email. That gives you an opportunity to focus on the warm leads right when they are interested.

Pipechimp will also keep your MailChimp list up to date syncronizing contacts whenever they have been added or updated. You can also segment and personalize your email campaigns with your custom data.

Pipechimp’s fee is only 6$/month/Pipedrive user, and you can try it for free for 14 days.

Happy selling!


Setup and installation
Just click the green “Install now” -button on the upper right corner and grant Pipechimp an access to your data. That’ll create a Pipechimp account for you and open Pipechimp’s dashboard.

Then just add your MailChimp API key, select the list you want to synchronize with Pipedrive and you are good to go. Pipechimp will then synchronize your contacts to MailChimp and when you send campaigns to that list, Pipechimp will create new deals from clicks and person notes about sent, open and unsubscriptions. (You can set up creation of deals and notes on Pipechimp’s integration settings tab)

If you already have a Pipechimp account, clicking the “Install now” will connect your existing account through Pipedrive marketplace.

You can see further instructions from http://pipechimp.com/instructions/

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