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Boost your post-sales process

Combine the benefits of two powerful management tools with the Pipedrive-Asana integration. Your sales team will be able to cooperate smoothly with Asana teams in your organization, as well as benefit from plenty of time-saving features.

The Pipedrive-Asana integration lets you:

  • Create Asana tasks when changes are made to Pipedrive deals
  • Enhance communications between sales and internal Asana teams
  • Adjust which deal details are sent to Asana tasks

Create Asana tasks automatically from Pipedrive

Asana is one of the web’s most successful project management tools, and is widely used by teams ranging from logistics to customer support. You can effortlessly connect the Asana teams in your organization to your Pipedrive sales team! You can also select default assignees and adjust the details to be included in the tasks

Company-wide collaboration made simple

A successful sale doesn’t end in your sales pipeline. In fact, many departments within an organization can affect your relationship with your customer long after a deal has been closed. This is why information exchange between sales and the teams that take over the customer lifecycle post-purchase is crucial to long term success.

Control the fine details

Customize the settings of this nifty integration to generate tasks in Asana when a deal is lost, won, or moved to different stages.

Setup and installation

  1. To start, simply create a new project in Asana.
  2. Choose the Pipedrive actions that will create an Asana task. Decide the details that will be copied across, the Asana project, and who the task is assigned to.
  3. When you work on your deals in Pipedrive, Asana will automatically create tasks for them.

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