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A powerful and user-friendly sales and revenue analytics tool for teams looking to take control of their sales and revenue forecasts.

More than 150 sales, activity, and revenue KPIs for Pipedrive

Set up sales and revenue dashboards for Pipedrive with our gallery of tried and tested sales, activity and revenue metrics and KPIs. Complement with custom fields and add filtering to compare metrics by sales rep, team, product, or segment.

Report Recurring Revenue (ARR/MRR) from Pipedrive

Monitor recurring revenue or subscription revenue from Pipedrive. Visually track key ARR/MRR metrics:

  • ARR/MRR growth monthly, year-to-year, month-to-month
  • Monitor yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly ARR development
  • MRR base, gained MRR, lost MRR
  • Churn rate %

Monitor sales activities, forecasts and pipeline development over time

Visualize sales pipeline progress over time and monitor sales performance against targets across the entire business (business areas, teams, reps). Several forecasting models give you a sense of where you can expect to land by the end of the month, quarter or year.

Targets for quota and other key metrics

Define monthly, quarterly, or yearly targets for individual sales reps, teams, or the entire company and visually monitor performance against targets.

Complement with data from HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, or LinkedIn.

Setup and installation

Pre-built views to get started

Our pre-built dashboards appear automatically once you connect Dear Lucy to your Pipedrive providing you with new insights right away. Use those as a starting point.

Flexible customization options.

Choose your metrics from a gallery of 150+ ready-made metrics to customize the views to your needs. You can also bring in custom fields from Pipedrive.

Implementation services.

We offer a selection of implementation services to help you benefit from our experience of working with other Pipedrive clients and to help you get started effectively.

How to get started?

Click “Install” to start your set-up which typically takes just one minute! Once your Dear Lucy account is set up, select the pipelines you’d like to see in Dear Lucy.

If you’re an existing Dear Lucy customer, simply click on “Install” to add Pipedrive integration to your Dear Lucy.

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