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Dedupely removes Pipedrive duplicates without losing customer data.



All our plans include every feature we offer – plus unlimited matching and merging, unlimited integrations, and no per-user fees.

You have more duplicates than you think, and it’s screwing up your data, reporting, analytics, sales and marketing. With Dedupely you won’t have duplicates anymore, and if you set up automatic deduping you won’t have them in the future, either.

Luckily, developing our match and merge algorithm is literally what we do all day πŸ™‚

βœ” Unlimited matching and merging
βœ” Unlimited integrations βœ” Unlimited support

βœ” Merge contacts, organizations, leads and deals βœ” Merge in bulk, custom, one-by-one, automatic βœ” Simultaneous cross-merge between Pipedrive, Salesforce and HubSpot βœ” Match and merge by any native or custom fields βœ” Ignore common terms

Bulk-merge 1000s of duplicates in hours. Bulk-merging is by far the quickest way to rid your Pipedrive database of duplicates. You decide how simple or intricate to set merge rules, giving you full control over what gets merged and what doesn’t.

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Setup and installation

Get your free trial in three steps:

  1. Register on Dedupely. Try it for free or choose your plan.
  2. Select your CRM. Allow Dedupely access to Pipedrive.
  3. Choose what records to sync. Your synchronization will start, and you can start deduping your data once it’s done.

Already have an account? Go to https://dedupe.ly/login

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