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JustCall integrates with Pipedrive to help you make, receive and track all of your sales calls directly from your Pipedrive dashboard. Following are some of the features:

Make and receive phone calls and SMS from Pipedrive– Making a call is as simple as clicking a button next to a phone number.

Track your activities, call recordings and voicemails View your daily interactions with customers and keep track of every activity automatically. JustCall makes it easy to listen to previous calls and voicemails.

Auto-contact sync All your Pipedrive contacts are synced. You can also make calls and send SMS from our mobile apps.

Click to SMS and bulk SMS Send SMS to your leads directly from Pipedrive and automatically log incoming SMS. Select your contacts on Pipedrive and send them a mass text message in just a few clicks.

Convert calls from unknown numbers into contacts (optional) You can grab incoming calls from prospective leads into new Pipedrive contacts (and deals)

Log calls under custom activity types (premium) You can set custom disposition codes as activity types in your Pipedrive account

Track call and text analytics You can track calling and texting activities on the agent level directly from your Pipedrive account.

Setup and installation

The JustCall-Pipedrive integration allows you to make calls, receive calls and track call activities right from your Pipedrive account.

Please follow the following steps to integrate JustCall into Pipedrive:

  • Either log into your already existing JustCall account:(JustCall login) or create a new account (JustCall Signup).
  • Go to integrations: JustCall Integration and search for Pipedrive
  • Click on the Integrate button next to Pipedrive. Follow the authorization flow and you will be redirected back to JustCall with a confirmation message.It takes only 10-15 minutes to sync all of your Pipedrive contacts (we sync 100 contacts/minute, so if you have 1000 contacts in Pipedrive, it will take approximately 10 minutes).
  • Now, let’s activate the click-to-call and the click-to-text buttons in your Pipedrive account. a) Download our Chrome extension.  JustCall Chrome Extention)
  • Go to Pipedrive Settings
  • Click on Company Settings from the sidebar
  • Change the phone number syntax from callto:number to tel:number

That’s all. Now, refresh your Pipedrive tab a couple of times and you will start seeing click-to-call and click-to-text buttons next to all the phone numbers in Pipedrive.


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