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Kixie is the sales engagement platform that boosts sales team performance with ultra-reliable, easily automated calling and texting for Pipedrive. Instantly set up an all-in-one voice and SMS solution for your sales team that combines an AI-powered sales dialer, enterprise phone service and seamless Pipedrive CRM integration. Get started in three minutes with no hardware to install.

Key Features:

Connect with up to 500% more prospects with Intelligent autodialing and automated text messaging.

Make and receive calls and SMS messages to 90+ countries. Make calls from your computer, desk phone, or mobile phone. Enjoy one-click seamless integration and dialing right from Pipedrive.

Instantly integrate Kixie PowerCall and leverage AI-powered local-presence dialing and automated voicemail drop.

Manage your team with automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, real-time call coaching, intuitive sales metrics and leaderboards.

The two-way Pipedrive CRM integration lets you view your caller’s profile on incoming and outgoing calls with the Kixie PowerCall screen pop.

Setup and installation

For new accounts

  • Select “Install”
  • Sign up for Kixie
  • Install the Kixie Chrome Extension
  • Start making calls!

For agents with existing accounts

  • Open the Kixie Chrome Extension
  • Select the settings gear in the top-right
  • Select “Add CRM”
  • Select “Add CRM” again (with the plus)
  • Select Pipedrive, then “Add”
  • Start making calls once enabling the connection!

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