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Marketing automation that drives revenue, integrated deeply with Pipedrive

  • Send automated drips or single email campaigns to any segment defined by your Pipedrive filters.
  • Automatically start and stop campaigns when you move leads from stage to stage.
  • Record email opens, clicks, and other email activity to Pipedrive immediately.

Prioritize hottest opportunities with web tracking & lead scoring

  • Get notified when leads visit your site and see what they’re interested in.
  • Calculate lead scores based on email actions and web visits.

Increase marketing ROI with funnel insights

  • Automatically capture traffic sources for new leads.
  • See the revenue impact of each email campaign you send.
  • See which campaigns, traffic sources, and content pieces lead to new opportunities or closed revenue.

Powerful 2-way Pipedrive and Mailchimp integration

  • Automatically sync contacts from Pipedrive to Mailchimp audiences 24/7 and never worry about keeping mailing lists up-to-date.
  • Create new Contacts or Leads in Pipedrive when people sign up via Mailchimp forms.
  • Record Mailchimp sends, opens, clicks and unsubscribes in Pipedrive automatically.
  • Use data from Mailchimp to calculate lead scores in Outfunnel
  • Easy and robust management of unsubscribes.
  • Create new Deals when people open or click your campaigns.

Plans start at $19 per month. Try free for 14 days.

Setup and installation

Click the green “Install now” button here and grant Outfunnel access to your Pipedrive data (we’ll take good care of it). Then create your password. You can later sign via your Pipedrive account or email/password.

Once you’re signed in, either click on the Campaigns tab to send your first campaign or connect your Mailchimp account in the popup dialog that appears and create your 2-way automations between Pipedrive and Mailchimp.

We also recommend installing the tracking code to your site, so that Outfunnel can start tracking web visits of your contacts and recording them in Pipedrive.

That’s it. You’re ready to start sending email campaigns from Outfunnel and/or Mailchimp and seeing activity reflected in Pipedrive!


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