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Zoom is one of the world’s most popular video conferencing applications. Simplify and streamline the process of scheduling calls, sending meeting links, and logging activities after. The seamless Zoom integration for Pipedrive, together with our calendar sync and Scheduler, creates an effortless setup for remote selling.

Add calls to activities
When scheduling or editing an activity in Pipedrive, select the option to add a video call in the activity. A unique Zoom link will be created and invitees will be notified without having to send an extra email.

Call with one click
You can join a scheduled meeting from a button or link in activities or Deal and Person detail views. No more having to leave Pipedrive to open Zoom separately. You can also view your contact’s details and deal information during the call for added context.

Setup and installation
1. Click “Install now” at the top of this page.

2. If you are not logged into Zoom, you can log in or create a new account.

3. Select the Zoom account to use, then press “Continue”.

4. You are now ready to use Zoom and Pipedrive together!

Notice regarding your Zoom Account Data
When you set up this integration, Pipedrive will receive and use your Zoom Account Data strictly to the extent such data is required for the integration to function. Pipedrive shall be responsible for the privacy, security or integrity of such Account Data in accordance with Pipedrive’s Privacy Policy.

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