– Warren Lindsey

My company needed reliable support for Salesforce implementation and that is precisely what Axis Consulting provided. We were thrilled with the experience we had with them from start to finish. Boris was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions on time. The entire Axis Consulting team was very responsive as well. I didn’t know that a tech team could be so friendly! I would absolutely hire them again for my Salesforce needs.

– Gale Morrison

Axis Consulting is a wonderful company. They left no stone unturned and helped us connect with what we needed quickly. Their incredible responsiveness blew me away and made me very confident in using their services for Salesforce Implementation. They are very cognizant of the best process for our company and gave us the recommendations we needed to best utilize Salesforce for our company. Hire them if you need help with Salesforce Implementation.

– Alan Hicks

It’s difficult to know where to turn to for support when you need professional Salesforce customizations. We reached out to Axis Consulting team because a good friend told us about their experience. I and my company were very pleased with our interactions. Since reaching out for Salesforce Customizations, we have leveraged their services for multiple areas of our company. We will be using them again soon.

– Molly Weaver

Axis Consulting is a godsend. They helped our organization achieve our second-quarter sales goals by implementing Pipedrive. This tool has changed the way we handle our sales processes and ensured that we got the most out of it for our business. Boris and his team are wonderful.

– Alina Burns

Painless Pipedrive Implementation is what we needed, and Axis Consulting provided it! Optimizing our pipeline was imperative to the growth of our organization, and Boris and his team pushed us closer to that goal. Our communication with our clients has been stronger than ever, thanks to this consultancy.

– Dennis Manwaring

Growing our sales pipeline was our initial goal when we reached out to Axis Consulting, but these guys were so knowledgeable we listened to their additional advice. Pipedrive is easy to use, but getting it implemented into our system was a challenge. We have seen a major increase in leads and are very pleased with Boris and Axis Consulting.

– Leland Keller

Leveraging Pipedrive’s functionality was crucial in improving the quality of our business. Customization was a major part of this process. Axis Consulting was critical in customizing Pipedrive to operate our business efficiently. Boris, especially, was incredibly helpful from our initial connection through to the completion of our project. Would recommend them.

– Scout Meyer

Increasing operational efficiency was our focus when we reached out to Axis Consulting for customizing Pipedrive. These guys know what they’re doing! Boris was very responsive and knowledgeable, and his entire team was very friendly in answering our endless questions. Definitely choose them for Pipedrive Customization.