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Send and receive SMS using the platform you know and love


Built for Admin Heroes
•No Data Silos: Manage all inbound and outbound communications in one platform.
•Simple for Your Users: As easy as texting on your phone, and integrates seamlessly with campaigns, contacts, and leads.
•Scale to Any Size: Quickly manage permissions and preferences for your team of 2 or 2,000.

Engage Customers and Constituents
•Get People’s Attention: With a 98% open rate, text messaging breaks through the noise.
•Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention: Meet people where they are with a personalized text at just the right time.
•Boost Team Productivity: Make more connections with fewer clicks using the group inbox and Process Builder.

•Two way conversations with contacts and leads
•Bulk message builder to broadcast SMS to campaign members
•Group inbox to manage all text messages in one place
•Process Builder integration to trigger SMS with workflows
•Delivery status notifications and reporting
•Scheduling for outbound text messages
•Opt-in/opt-out handling with standard and custom keywords
•Twilio Apex API library to extend to any Twilio channel
•15 standard reports to analyze engagement and results

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