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Wingman is a conversation intelligence tool that helps sales teams with pipeline visibility, actionable insights, and real-time coaching.


Integrating with Pipedrive allows customers of Wingman to add context to their conversations!

You can capture, transcribe and analyze your customer conversations using AI – “Voice of Customer” is no longer an abstraction – it is all the feedback that your customers are giving you, transformed into actionable insights by Wingman.

Pipedrive-Wingman integration helps you:

  • Save time by keeping your CRM updated with customer interactions.
  • Avoid endless scrolls. Wingman AI helps you find the right call and the insights without you listening to a single call.
  • Get a quick refresher before your next call. Whether it’s the engaging question asked, or the follow-up actions discussed, Wingman tracks all the data on the calls and makes it available at a single glance.
  • Asynchronous sales coaching. With Wingman, sales coaching is real-time, actionable and contextual. Review an hour-long call in less than ten minutes, share feedback and build a library of best coachable moments, so you can ramp up your next rep quickly.

Setup and installation

Integrating Wingman with Pipedrive takes just a few minutes. No dev support or coding needed!

Read the Installation. Guide here

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