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All CRM tools allow integrations, Pipedrive is just no exception as it allows over twenty apps integration. The Pipedrive users can integrate their favorite tools and expand their capabilities. In this brief post, we would be addressing if Pipedrive and Outlook can be integrated? If it can be, what do you have to do.

Can you Integrate Pipedrive with Outlook?

Yes, Pipedrive has gained immense popularity in recent years for a variety of reasons, one of which is the number of integrations available. So, the appropriate answer to the question would be yes, Pipedrive can be integrated with Outlook.

Pipedrive and Outlook are integrated for important reasons

The Pipedrive and Outlook integration is done to transfer all-important sales data between Outlook and Pipedrive. By important sales data we mean, contacts, deals, activities, and emails, etc. In simpler words, Pipedrive and Outlook are connected to make the entire sales process quick and easy.

Integrating Pipedrive and Outlook is a common practice

The sales professionals are always on their toes to improve sales and the entire sale process. For the same purpose, they are often seen integrating their favorite tools to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Pipedrive and Outlook integration are also quite common, the sales professionals do so to streamline the workflow, save time, and expand their capabilities. Integrating Pipedrive and Outlook is just not common, zapier, talkdesk, PandaDoc, Yesware, MailChimp, snapADDY, Ecquire, Niftyquoter, and Drip are also quite popular.

The Pipedrive and Outlook integration is simple, easy, and quick

One of the reasons why Pipedrive and Outlook integration is becoming breathtakingly common is the simple integration procedure. The simplest integration procedures and the ease it brings to the sales professionals life has skyrocketed its popularity. You can hire a Pipedrive Consultant for ease.

How can you integrate Pipedrive and Outlook?

First of all, we would like to inform you that Pipedrive and Outlook integration is not as daunting as it seems. So, it should not be delayed. To integrate Pipedrive and Outlook, here is what you will be required to do;

  • Get Pipedrive on a monthly or annual basis
  • Have a Pipedrive account
  • Go to Pipedrive’s home page
  • Find and click the small icon at the top right corner of Pipedrive’s home page
  • Scroll down to the “Tools and integration” option
  • Click Tools and integration to get options
  • Wait for the integration options
  • From Stack, Microsoft team, Asana, invoicing, Mailchimp, and Marketplace apps, select and Marketplace apps and wait to get more options
  • A new window will appear, you would find a prominent “Find a marketplace” option, click to move forward
  • Under “boost the sales” head search “Outlook” in the search bar
  • Select Pipedrive Outlook sync from the options
  • Follow the directions and get done

If this Pipedrive and Outlook integration seems complex(it isn’t), there are two more ways to integrate Pipedrive and Outlook for smooth functioning, that’s integration with Automate or Zapier

  • Search automate.io and enter
  • From the pop-up window, find and click the see all categories
  • You would be landed on an app integration page, from about 200 apps you have to find and click “Pipedrive”
  • Search “outlookyourn the counterpart
  • There would be a couple of integrations already under the head ”Popular Integrations”
  • Go through the Popular integration options thoroughly
  • If you have not found your desired integration n option, rest assured, scroll down to the “Create integrations” option
  • Under the head “When this happens” scroll down and select a Pipedrive option and from “Do this” find your desired Outlook option
  • Once both Pipedrive and Outlook options are selected, find and hit the “Try it now” button
  • You are just now a few steps away, follow the directions, and get done.

The Zapier integration is just as simple as the two above-mentioned options, all you have to do is;

  • Create an account with Zapier.com
  • Go to the top left corner and click the “Make a Zap” option
  • You would be landed to integration option, search Pipedrive in the search bar
  • From new activity in Pipedrive, search or find your desired option
  • Select your desired option and hit “continue”
  • Hit the test your trigger option 
  • From the “Actions” part, search Microsoft Outlook in the search bar, select to move forward
  • Update contacts hit continue
  • Sign in with a Microsoft account
  • Congratulations! You are done

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