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Lead routing, lead distribution, lead assignment, Round-Robin…Whatever you want to call it, getting new leads assigned to the right salesperson in Pipedrive is what RouterJet does.

RouterJet auto-assigns leads/deals in Pipedrive. Assign leads to salespeople based on any deal field (e.g., price, location). It’s fair, fast and correct.


Round-Robin It takes minutes to set up Round-Robin lead assignment in RouterJet.

Custom lead assignment rules RouterJet can assign Deals based on your custom rules using any Deal field (e.g., location, price, custom fields, etc.)

Email/SMS lead alerts Alert agents of new deals via email + SMS

Work hours and roster Set work hours for each team member (e.g., M-W-F//8-5pm), and if someone calls in sick, simply take them off the roster with one click and put them back on when they’re back. RouterJet ensures you send leads to reps that are actually working today.

Escalation If the new deal owner doesn’t follow up after 14 min, RouterJet will escalate the deal until it finds someone on your team who can respond immediately. Never let leads go cold again!

Lead response reporting Fast response converts leads online. RouterJet enables you to measure and optimize your team’s lead response time.

Respond to prospects faster than your competition and win more deals with RouterJet!

Got questions? Email us at [email protected]

Setup and installation

Got questions? Email us at [email protected]

Round-Robin for Pipedrive 1. Click “Install” on the marketplace and log into RouterJet 2. Go to the Team page in RouterJet and turn on the agents you want to assign deals to 3. Go to the Rules page in RouterJet and add your first Rule, then: Select the Pipeline and stage you want to trigger deal assignment, select the agents you wish to assign deals to and press “save.” 4. Go to Pipedrive and create a test to check that the deals are being assigned correctly.

Custom lead assignment for Pipedrive Go to the Advanced Settings on the Rules page to trigger deal assignment using more granular criteria (e.g., location, amount or any custom field for the deal, etc.)

SMS/email lead alerts for Pipedrive Turn on SMS + email alerts at the bottom of each Rule page. Remember to add the mobile numbers of your agents on the Team page first.

RouterJet sends the SMS with lead info after seven minutes, allowing agents to claim the new lead before receiving the message.

Note that SMS + Email alerts are not sent outside of agent work hours.

Lead escalation Turn on Escalation at the bottom of each Rule page. Escalation will reassign unclaimed leads/deals to the next available agent 14 min after the initial assignment.

Tip: only use this feature for your urgent leads (like online leads)

Deals can be claimed by:

  • Changing the stage in Pipedrive or
  • Clicking on the email/SMS claim link

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